the hardest thing to do but the results are phenomenal when God is the one you’re surrendering to

........I AM wild ... I am free ... I am business in for myself and have to remember this quote everyweek.

Don’t worry, be happy (34 photos)

I AM wild free.just like Brick Beach yesterday, first day in the Atlantic Ocean this Summer.with cousins Lainie Carole. :D 17 Jun 14

You can still finish strong: God is present in the Not Okay... and a rough day does not necessarily have to be a bad one.

I can't go back and change anything that's already happened. It hurts-what happened between us. But i guess you're never coming back. I'm learning to move on bc I know that I can and will find som

Stop worrying, if it& supposed to happen it will Allow yourself to be a beginner Don& let your happiness depend on anything outside yourself Stay close to everything that makes you feel alive Listen to your body, it will lead you to.

The things you hide in your heart.

I am dangerous to the dark cold inside as I light your fire and it rages. You need to open a windows to this world and let the heart blaze. Hot as the sun.

With all the smiles you brought me, I never thought that you could cause me so many tears.

With all the smiles you brought me, I never thought that you could cause me so many tears.

And the worse is you are breaking in parts and the person you love does not cares or cannot feel. Here are some Heartbreak quotes that might reflect y…

#Truth. So much time is invested in those whom Are Not Invested in your Journey! #makinggratitudecontagious

It's not to say those people don't matter, but they shouldn't have control of your mind& emotions. -- so true.I'm sure they don't think about me as much as I find myself thinking about them.

Are you waiting for it all to 'click'? I would love to show you how to heal from narcissistic abuse/toxic relationships so you can have it all 'click' into place too. For greater understanding and real healing solutions click on the image to reveal more. #narcissisticabuse #recoveryfromabuse #awakening #toxicrelationships

I really like this quote, but I don't think this would truly take just one day. You'll have to fight for much longer, survive for much longer, persevere for much longer.

It does know...and I trust where it's taking me...just ask for love... true love.. ❤️ and you'll find it...  #Rumi #Heart #Love

"Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.* My heart always knew and couldn't stay away from my wife.


"You're a winner. not because you never lose, but because you are always willing to give it a try" -Mom's book Esther Burrus : winners never quit