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Matt Smith. Who would have thought that I would find this sexy? He is unbelievably hot!

Yes, more doctor who boys! It's the one and only Matt Smith; Matt Smith is loved by tons of people ((believe me, I know)) but honestly I'm more of a Tennant girl.

39 Things You Probably Didn't Know About "Doctor Who" THESE ARE SO GOOD.

Photos taken on the days Matt Smith chose his Doctor costume. Some pretty cool variations before finally deciding “bow-ties are cool". via I'm like a ninja, just different. Jul 28 33639 <-- they are pretty cool

Happy Father's Day! (Oh wait.) <--- Why would you say something like that. Why.

SuperWho - Eleven as a demon. Ooh, that's creepy and fantastic all at once . I am so freaked out right now!<---it would make some sense with the Doctor's regeneration process . It's just the demon leaving the body and making/finding another