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a woman sitting at a desk with an open laptop computer on it's side
In the Studio with Illustrator Chloe Jasmine Harris | Christie Moore Photography
Discover the whimsical studio of Sydney Illustrator Chloe Jasmine Harris | Creative Branding | Visual Storytelling | Personal Branding Photography | Lifestyle + Travel Photographer | Christie Moore Photography
an empty room with lots of clutter on the floor and large windows overlooking the ocean
try again tomorrow
try again tomorrow
an indoor hot tub in the middle of a room next to a stair case and windows
Humanity – theCHIVE
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there is a large bathtub with plants in the corner and on the wall next to it
Bathroom Archives -
If you are lucky enough to have a room with good bones, it may seem like you don’t need to do much in the way of styling as the room speaks…
a small pond in the middle of a wooden deck
Fresh water feature for front yard and backyard landscaping (62) - HomeSpecially
Fresh water feature for front yard and backyard landscaping (62)
a house that is sitting on top of some rocks
Tom Kundig Architecture: A Different Take on an RV Idea
Nice Views Of Nature - Beautiful Nature View
an outdoor garden with a pond and wooden decking, surrounded by rocks and trees
Garell Residence by Syndesis, Inc
The courtyard was designed following the Japanese garden or "Angawa", which allows for shelter from prevailing winds while still allowing for a connection to the outdoors.