minner meg om selma<3

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a drawing of a monkey pushing a shopping cart full of food
a pink cake with the words one year closer to being a milk
Бенто торт MILF
there is a piece of bread with jam on it next to two cups of coffee
Blå Himmel
Humour, Grunge, Comics, Feelings, Fandom, Doodles, Laugh, Humor, Nerd
Things I Saw And Liked
a small dog wearing a hat and scarf standing in the dirt next to some plants
a close up of a dog on a bed
niccoya is abundant ⭐️ on Twitter
People, Best Friends, Bff, Haha, Besties, Mood Pics
an older woman carrying breadsticks in her arms
an older woman wearing a straw hat and holding her hands to her mouth with beads on it
The Glamorous Grandmas of Instagram (Published 2018)
an orange tabby cat yawns while laying on its back in a white blanket
I have a cat that is also a ham
two small goats wearing sweaters on the street
a woman laying on top of a red couch
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a sheep wearing a hat and scarf in the snow