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Oh star trek, how we love you for your killing off of characters, and then making kirk all concerned about not letting people die.

Expendability: Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Ensign Ricky all beam down to an alien planet. Guess who's not coming back.

Hahaha I loved this part

Sheldon gets Leonard Nimoy's DNA as a Christmas present from Penny. Sheldon: "All I need is an ovum and I can make my own Leonard Nimoy!" Penny: "All I'm giving you is the napkin!" My favourite scene from the Big Bang Theory.

Oh my God! What is that even like?

"This was my favorite exchange right up until Kirk lay was, "Is this going to be a problem?" Uhura: "Absolutely not!" *stalks off* Spock (taken aback): "." <<< I love Trekkies.

Star Trek Into Darkness

I busted up when I saw this, heh. Spock knew he was in for it when these two started working together.

Star Trek Into Darkness

What breaks my heart most about these reactions is that everyone has become their own opposite in the face of Kirks death.

I love Spock

i am expressing multiple attitudes simultaneously sir, to which one are you referring? spock quote from star trek 'into darkness' movie.

Star Trek old and new

Star Trek Old Vs Star Trek New. The top, Kirk vs Kirk is from Shatner's documentary, Captains. Recommend if you haven't seen it. Casting for the new movies is wonderful. movies so-so. Get rid of Abrams! Ohh my poor heart