Ella Berglund
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Jean Arp, Growth, 1935, Plaster, Arp Foundation, Clamart, France

Jean Arp, Growth, This was the first piece I saw by my favourite sculpture Jean Arp. It really looks as if a figure is metamorphosing and is about to burst out.

Henry Moore sketchbooks. During WWII there was verv little call for large scale sculpture. The pages of his sketchbooks of this period show that he was full of ideas for abstract sculptures that would make use of organic and natural forms rather than pure geometrical shapes.  �

Henry Moore, Drawings for Sculpture. Those who were good at painting and sculpting were also usually good at drawing. Drawing is fundamental. Keep practicing!

Pick 1 or 2 glazes and stick with them                                                                                                                                                     More

Loving the ceramic tableware from Earth & Baker. Nice mixture of texture and color across several plates, bowls, saucers, and spoons.