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a drawing of a microscope with blue flowers on the bottom and gold trimmings
‘Vintage Compound Microscope’ by erzebetth
a hand holding flowers and birds on the side of a road with mountains in the background
Julia Lillard Art
Julia Lillard Art
three women with flowers on their heads walking away from each other in front of a circle
Astrid Torres
a woman in a bathing suit is surrounded by birds and flowers, with her arms stretched out to the side
My first handmade collages. The portraits are mine and the rest of the items I found in magazines, internet and the wonderful botanical illustrations.You can see more works in my web www.rociomontoya.com
an old man with flowers on his head is shown in this artistic photo from the late 20th century
Digital Collages by Marcelo Monreal | Inspiration Grid
Marcelo Monreal is a collage artist based in Santa Catarina, Brazil. More art on the grid via Inspiration Now
the otto hackney logo surrounded by colorful flowers and leaves on a black background with space for text
The Otto | Property Branding | Real Estate Branding | Steve Edge Design
The Otto illustrations – Steve Edge Design - Steve Edge Design
an old microscope with flowers in it is on top of a page from the book
Retro Microscope Print,cimestry, Laboratory, Vintage Science, Flower Print, Wall Art, Vintage Print on Recycled Paper, Retro Art - Etsy
an image of a person sitting on the ground with flowers in front of her face
eugenialoli: “ “Set and Setting" (24"x36") by Eugenia Loli. Portfolio | Store | Tumblr | Flickr | Facebook ”