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Elise Johansen

Elise Johansen
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oh beautiful. not crocheting, but too wonderful not to pin. free pattern at ravelry!

Free knitting pattern for Daphne Scarf - Lace laurel leaves wind through this scarf by Saranac Hale Spencer, designed for worsted weight yarn.

Simple Ladder Stitch, One Row Lace Scarf: free #knitting #scarf #pattern

Pattern: Cast on 24 sts (or any number divisible by Knit 2 rows Knit pattern row: (YO, repeat between ( ) 5 times. Repeat the pattern row until your scarf is at desired length. Cast off loosely.

Super easy pattern perfect for a scarf! Free pattern.

nteresting tailored knitting stitch pattern with chart. Just knits & purls - 15 row repeat. Alternate rows knit as indicatedKnitting&Crochet Obsession: Pattern that is Perfect of a Man's Scarf

toy snake eating toy mouse. LOVE it

Sad but true - some softies DO eat other softies! Sleepy snake with toupee eating mouse with toupee.by Mochimochi Land See through predator - big bad wolf - see the softies inside his belly?