Dancing in the Rain

Dance in the rain. Any rainy day just dance through it it will pass. Like a cloud full of rain. U'll look behind and its over but your rhythm is always there. Keep dancing

One of the best feelings <3

I tend to fall in love with people that share my sense of humor. Because nothing is better than looking over at someone you love, and knowing they're smiling for the exact same reason. So true ;

With you, it's different...

Yes, it's so different. I can't just forget. I just can't leave. I just can't give up. I just can't walk forward, because maybe I do love you more than I ever will love myself.

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I had to be strong for so long. I could never be weak. Thank you for letting me be weak. Thank you for handling stuff when I can't because that's one of the greatest things about you.

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As we look at each other we do see no flaws, see perfection. Our hearts, minds and souls speak the same beautiful language. Our hearts are intertwined beyond capacity of understanding.

Talk Me Down || Troye Sivan All Credit To Tumblr Like/Repin if you save

Talk me down is a beautiful song. Troye Sivan is an inspiring artist for many people, not just LGBTQ+, but everyone. Watch "Talk me down" by Troye Boye!