Learn how to take the best photos with both natural and artificial light. Learn what to buy and how to set things up at home.

Lighting Tips & Tricks: learn how to take the best photos w/both natural & artificial lighting. Find out what equipment to buy & how to use them in your own home.

I think it would look even cooler, though, if the girl was in focus and the birds were blurred.I think it would frame the picture nicely (:

An entry from For Emma, Forever Ago

while she's enjoying her bath time, her lover is reading the book telling the story to her. How beautiful is it really that he have time to be with her and just enjoying reading to her. I think it is romance truly.

50 Photography Tips & Tricks

Trick, Photography Book - - Now YOU Can Create Mind-Blowing Artistic Images With Top Secret Photography Tutorials With Step-By-Step Instructions!

5 easy ways to become a better photographer

5 easy ways to become a better photographer- although this is a great article to relate to in life in general or any business/entrepreneur !


“If you do not believe in magic, your life will not be magical. Magic, like the power of Stonehenge, is part of the unknowable–that which you cannot describe, but which exists and makes your life extraordinary. It is part of the goodness of your spirit.