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Looking for unique ideas to place your elf this year? Here are 20 best elf on the shelf ideas that are creative for this year!


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a lantern is sitting in front of some evergreens on the steps and next to a door
three potted pine trees sitting next to each other on top of a wooden table
a christmas wreath hanging on the wall
a white horse made out of toilet paper sitting in front of a fire place with balls on the floor
a green door with a wreath on it
Ekte jul! - Floriss
a christmas wreath on the front door of a house with pine cones and greenery
an elf sitting on top of a sink in front of a toothpaste bottle
an elf hanging from a christmas tree
Elf on the Shelf
two people hanging upside down from the ceiling
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an assortment of baby dolls and toys on a table