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I'm hardcore about fall. Not only is my birthday in fall but so is Halloween, Thanksgiving and Diwali. How exciting!

Fall/Autumn - Sunlight Bursts Through Autumn Leaves


When the leaves turn from green to golden brown, and start to tumble down you know it's autumn now. ~Lily Autumn my favourite season

♂ Sunset forest

Ambiance- Daisy is talking about her life with Gatsby five years ago and says: "One autumn night five years ago, they had been walking down the street when the leaves were falling. the quiet lights in the houses were humming out into the darkness.

"I saw the autumn leaves peel up off the street, take wing on a balmy breeze, and sweep you off your feet."

I love the pictures of falling leaves. Pictures like these make you realize how powerful photograph is with its ability to freeze time and hold a moment suspended in the air forever.

Pumpkin Patch.

Happy Halloween to all! Halloween/Autumn is my favorite time of year and this is the place where I show my love for it. Make sure you check out the The Pumpkin Patch Network

Fall is such a beautiful time of the year!! I Love it all.

Fall- my favorite time of year. I really wish I lived someplace that had Fall.

20 Scenic Autumn photos around the World

Breathe deeply, and smell the damp, musty leaves, aged wood, and the briskness…

C'est une belle petite rue sous un "ciel" orange de feuilles automnales. J'adore cette photo, car ça me rend calme et contente.   : )

(For October My favorite season is Fall. I love how the leaves change color. I'm also a big fan of Fall foods like pumpkin and apple pies. What's your favorite season?

Coiffeuse, coin make up.

ikea, dressing table and teen room image on We Heart It

I really wanna get an instant camera so I can be all tumblr and decorate My room with this sort of thing

Instax mini 8 cool idea for shots taken