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Elin Jenna Jacobsen
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Lower Front Leg! After I took the Horse Hoof Care Class, I have to remember these parts.

Horse leg anatomy Horse Education and Anatomy. Horses Learn about .

Equine Digestive Tract

Equine Digestive Tract Structure and Function

Tug o’ War   Photo Creds: Lisa Gerdes

Horse & Dog Tug o’ War by DeniseGaia


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Equine Digestive Anatomy Chart Horse

This is a good chart to keep and study. It will help to learn the digestive system of a horse. I appreciate the placement showing the sides and a spread out picture of it.


I felt like doing a second part of the horse tutorial, just cause. And someone wanted tips on movement. I'm no expert, but I reccommend anyone get "How to Draw Animals" by Jack Hamm, cause he goes .

Understanding Hot vs. Cold Equine Therapy

Hot versus Cold Therapy for Equestrians. Make your horse feel better faster!


The German Shepherd Color Chart

Equine Arthritis and Its Treatments Infographic

If a horse is suffering from swelling, stiffness, or lameness, he might have equine arthritis. Learn how horses can return to their agile conditions by checking out this infographic about arthritis treatment options. Original source: www.

Gypsy Horse Colors

Gypsy Horse Association Color Chart Drawings done for GHA by Kyanna Fejes and put together by Elizabeth Sescilla