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Swoop Pompadour + Faded Sides

The Pompadour is the hottest new trend; From vintage classics to modern pompadour fade styles, check out this list of our 30 favorite pompadour haircuts for men

pin up hairstyles | 50s Retro Pin Up Hairstyle & Makeup Look

Vintage Hairstyles – Half Up Half Down Everything comes back in style – just look at vintage hair! No other hairstyles are as in-demand. Vintage hairstyles – half up half down, are becoming.

futuristic sword

asset Futuristic Sword, formats FBX, 2016 cheap futuristic game lowpoly, ready for animation and other projects

Erebus - Cyberpunk dystopian light up helmet by TwoHornsUnited on DeviantArt

†††Erebus††† Pre-order a customized version of this helmet now! (Only 4 slots available) Etsy shop link TwoHor. Erebus - Cyberpunk dystopian light up helmet