Eastern Redbud flowers, Cercis canadensis, Newberry, SC.

Red Bud Blossom Balls - this beautiful little tree blooms not only on its branches, but also right on the trunk itself. This occurs most often in certain tropical trees, interestingly enough. (Wish I could grow this tree in S FL)

Olive Tree..

Olive tree, hundreds of yrs old, Agripento, Sicily IT. awesome trunk on this…

Field of Araucaria pine trees in morning fog, Brazil

Field of Araucária pine trees - Southern Brazil. *I fucking love the South part!

purple smoke tree  cotinus royal purple | For sale Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple' - 2Ltr £6.99

Cotinus Coggygria 'Royal Purple' bushy large deciduous shrub to with rounded, deep purple leaves becoming redder in autumn. Large feathery, pink inflorescences in summer

Magnolia Tree in bloom - I want one of these outside my house

Magnolia Tree in bloom - I want one of these outside my house- Lisa loves Magnolia trees

Royal Purple Smoketree - Cotinus coggyrgria 'Royal Purple'

Cotinus coggyrgria 'Royal Purple': Royal Purple Smoketree Height and Spread: Flower color: purple, white Zone: 4