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how to make pineapple parfait drink garnish
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Planning a party? Preparing for Memorial Day weekend? Add a fun twist to your party garnishes with this fun and easy parrot garnish made from a pineapple. Steps: 1) Cut off the top of the pineapple 2) Round out the top to form the head 3) Slice the leaves, leaving a few at the end for the tail 4) Cut off the section between the head and body; secure with a toothpick 5) Use a toothpick to add 2 leaves for arms, 1 carrot for a nose and 2 blueberries for eyes. Enjoy with your favorite beverage!
a table topped with fruits and vegetables on top of a black cloth covered table next to a window
watermelon slices cut in half on a white plate with red border around the edges
Comment Couper et Servir un Melon d'Eau (Pastèque) en 1 Minute
1 technique de cuisine: Comment Couper et Servir un Melon d'Eau (Pastèque)...
a watermelon cut in half on a white surface
フルーツ カービング
フルーツ カービング
fruit arranged in the shape of a star on a table
this is made by my own creation, I hope you like it
there is a white plate with different fruits and vegetables on it that are arranged in the shape of flowers
دورچین فلفل دلمه و گوجه
two pieces of green leaf shaped food on a white plate
food carving: cucumber leaves
cucumber leaves - how to
there are two cakes made to look like fruit
Sandia decoradas
a carved fruit with red and green designs on it's center sits on a wooden table
フルーツカービング ギャラリー
フルーツカービング ギャラリー – Carving Room ふわり
a carved watermelon with flowers and leaves on it sitting on a wooden table
フルーツカービングfood garnish#fruit carving work# watermelon
three pictures of green beans with leaves on top and bottom, one has an eggplant in the middle
three plates filled with fruit on top of a white kitchen counter next to a refrigerator
Love the pineapple cap as the centerpiece. Simple to do but flashy result.