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the floor is covered in yellow and red stickers with numbers on them that spell out how to start
Hoppeord! | Kateterskuffen.no
the worksheet is filled with pictures to help children learn how to draw
Hvilket ord lyder anderledes
Hvilket ord lyder anderledes - Printland
an apple tree worksheet with the words cvc words real or nonsenses
CVC Words - Planning Playtime
Real or Nonsense Word Sort - Kindergarten Word Work Worksheets 2 #CVCwords #kindergarten #planningplaytime #kindergartenworksheets
a poster with different types of food and things to eat in the same place on it
Deleskærm - Deleskærm
Print selv plakater Skal printes på A3. Klik på billedet for at få PDF til print.
the worksheet is filled with pictures to help kids learn how to use scissors
S ord - Klap stavelser - put i æske
Klap stavelser - put i æske S ord - Printland
a bulletin board with different types of words and pictures on it, including the letter n
the compound word puzzles are fun for kids to practice their spelling skills and help them learn how to use it
Compound Word Puzzles
These compound word puzzles are perfect for early readers to practice chunking words to decode them, or putting words together to make new ones!
the alphabet puzzles are made up of puzzles
Alphabet Puzzles
Help your preschoolers learn their ABCs with Alphabet Puzzles! Use in your homeschool, Kindergarten, or First Grade classrooms. Color and black and white versions included! Review beginning sounds using version one of alphabet puzzle with the word accompanying the picture. Then move students to version two which requires students to use their sounds to put the puzzle pieces back together.
the beginning sounds for sorting letters and numbers
Beginning Sounds Activities
Fun, hands-on activities for learning about the alphabet and beginning sounds. ~ Fairy Poppins
the worksheet shows different shapes and numbers
Find 60 lydrette ord
Find 60 lydrette ord - Printland