cardboard furniture

Bare-bones Carton Furniture

Cardboard furniture

I like how it is a very irregular shape, yet seems to stand up fine. I also like how the cardboard is intricately slotted together to form such a interesting shape.

karton.... – 10marifet

The cardboard version of le Corbusier's "le Gran Confort" club chair. Completely made of recycled materials; used cardboard, nylon strapping, and rusted, forgotten steel, welded for the frame. By Nick Michelin

Recovered Cardboard Shaped Into Two Stools And Table

Recovered Cardboard Shaped Into Sleek Wavy Chairs And Tables At FPD In Buenos Aires

Cardboard furniture

Parametric wood - CNC or laser cutter @ Hack Factory? (Then, lay on a glass tabletop.

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