D&D Basic Bestiary

Welcome to the bestiary. This page links to all the beasts covered so far (and list some of those planned to be covered). Since the D&D Basic bestiary reads a little bit like a zoo, I won't be covering all the beasties found there, just the more "exotic" ones.
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Monsters, The Beast

Monsters, The Beast

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Monsters, The Beast

Another giant animal, the giant toad hail back to the original Monster Manual, however unlike the Giant Frog, the Giant Toad did not origi.

A classic D&D monster described as large hairy goblin giants, with a knack for sneaking up on people.

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The Brown Bear ( Ursus arctos ) is a form of large bear, usually found in temperate and sub-arctic areas. In D&D terms, the Brown Bear ha.

The Giant Badger appeared in the original Moster Manual as a footnote in the entry for the common.

The Death Dog first appeared in the Fiend Folio, where it is said they are the decendents of Cerebus, the three-headed dog from Greek myth.

D&D Basic Monsters: Goblin Acolyte

Combining the goblin with the acolyte NPC creates a goblin acolyte. Maglubiyet is the primary goblinoid deiety, and according to the

Monsters, The Beast

Monsters, The Beast

Monsters, The Beast