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the instructions for making penguin hats and scarves are shown in several different pictures, including two
Cute penguins
Cute penguins - by SweetJanis @ - cake decorating website
the instructions for making christmas decorations with polymer doughnuts are shown in multiple pictures
Tutorial: Modelar con fondant un Papá Noel y un Reno - Fiestas Coquetas Blog
Tutorial: Modelaje fondant Papa Noel y Reno
an image of santa claus with reindeers
산타클로스와 루돌프 만들기
Santa Claus and Rudolph the Making :: Naver blog
the instructions for how to make an animal head out of fondant and plastic clay
mosutaoyi/ruantaotaoyi/49224.htm - NotFound - NotFountStatic
Poly Reindeer and Sleigh ... links to site with a bunch of cute polymer clay picture tutorials.
two birds sitting on top of each other on green leaves and cake decorating items
Love bird Christmas
*SORRY, no information as to product used ~ Love bird Christmas...Fondant...
there is a christmas cake with santa and reindeer on it
polymer clay porcelana fria pasta francesa masa flexible fimo gum paste pasta goma modelado figurine modelling topper biscuit
a small brown toy sitting on top of a white sheet
I made this out of clay that you bake in the oven. Took my about 2 hours because I am a perfectionist with crafts. It is adorable tho. I gave it to my mom as an extra christmas gift. It was a big hit!
a close up of a cake decorated to look like a reindeer
Disney Frozen cake Sven
a close up of a frosted cup with a carrot sticking out of it's mouth
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Disney Frozen Olaf face
an image of some kind of toy that is on the phone screen and it looks like they are hugging each other
Frozen. LOVE this topper by the talented Rouv, Rouvelee' Creations - For all your cake decorating supplies, please visit
a cupcake with frosting on it sitting on top of a table next to an instagram sticker
a collage of photos showing different types of doughnuts and marshmallows
Fondant Olaf Tutorial by Pucky Cakes