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Emil Jakobsen

Emil Jakobsen
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javier ruiz flores art | Pinned by Scott Anderson

California native illustrator Javier Ruiz Flores works with black ballpoint pen and adds color in a delicate and thoughtful way.


I want to get a bear tattoo. But it’s hard to find a drawing that captures what I associate with it. This one’s nice, but I can imagine it would be quite hard to tattoo. (via Bear // Graphite Stretched Canvas by Sandra Dieckmann

Another great tattoo made after our bear illustration! Inked by @inktotalart  If you tattooed or got tattooed some of our designs, please send us pictures, we love seeing those!   #yeaaah #yeaaahstudio #tattoo #beartattoo

A bear tattoo denotes legendary power, motherhood, courage, and it serves as an amazing adornment of male and female bodies