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several glasses filled with white liquid and cotton flakes on top of a table next to desserts
there are many bags of popcorn on the table
Stylish Monochrome Wedding Inspiration | Shelby Ellis Photography
It was all about the details for Issy + Tom's August super stylish wedding at Hayne House in Hythe! No detail was left unconsidered - they used photos of their parents on their wedding days as decor, polaroids of the couple were everywhere and the bride even designed and made a wedding newspaper all about the couple which was placed on tables for guests to enjoy. Captured by natural, heartfelt wedding photographer Shelby Ellis Photography.
cupcakes with white frosting sitting on a baking sheet
#pinterest | haileeegunn
there are many wine glasses with cherries in them
strawberries are arranged on a white platter with flowers in the backgroud
Valentine’s Day chocolate covered strawberries
several crystal vases with black ribbons on a white cloth
there are many glasses that have different types of drinks in them on the table together
a long table is set with candles and place settings