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roman arches | Architecture 101: Romanesque, Sant’Ambrosio | Holy Trinity Catholic ...

Islam architecture was Greco-Roman influenced. This shown through the consistent use of columns, arches, and domes.

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Optio leading his men - Roman army reenactment by Legio XXI Rapax Rekonstrukcja rzymskich legionów w wykonaniu Legio XXI Rapax fot. Cezary Wyszynski Photography is the inspiration for my main male character: Luke (Lucius).

Roman/ Pompeian Cookshop +++ drawing by Andrea Tosolini

Reconstruction of the thermopolium of Vetutius Placidus on the Via dell'Abbondanza in However only barbarians wore moustaches, not a civilized Roman. There is even no Latin word for moustache. Drawing by Andrea Tosolini

Reconstruction of a Roman latrine                             LOL!!!!!

Reconstruction drawing of the Latrine, Barracks, Isca Augusta (UK). A line of timber seats was set over the drain, and in front was a gutter for the soldiers to wash the sponges which served them for lavatory paper.