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I'm growing my Lavender in containers again this year... it seems to protect them against whatever pest ate them last year.

10 Simple Tips for Growing Lavender Container Growing Make sure the container is not too big. Lavender does better in tight rooted spaces. Also make sure that there are enough holes in the container for adequate drainage. Tips from Colorado State.

How to Grow Lavender

COMPANION PLANTING -- FRUIT TREES -- Lavender - Plant lavender and it will repel fleas, ticks, and mice. Plant near or under fruit trees to deter the coding moth, while attracting beneficial insects such as butterflies.

Clematis cutting in bag - How to grow clematis from cuttings

Clematis cutting in bag - How to grow clematis from cuttings. If you have a clematis vine you love (or a friend does), this tip shows you how to take cuttings to create more vines—that's what propagation is. It's a great way to get free plants without muc