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a bonsai tree with pink flowers in a black pot
Bonsaï Sakura
Like a Geisha Dancing with a Fan... What a Delicate and Beautiful Bonsai... 盆栽
a buddha statue sitting in the grass
Joss & Main | Style is what you make it. Make it yours.
Sitting Buddha Statue
a statue is standing in the middle of some bushes and trees with its head resting on her stomach
~a sweet idea for positive meditation: sit gently, focus on nice slow breathing( from belly) and when you feel quiet enough... imagine a great beautiful tunnel of light coming from up above into your mind, into your body & heart... and in it, the words LIGHT, ABUNDANCE, JOY, LOVE...coming into you and spreading their frequencies... breathe in the fresh flow & positive vibe... stay as long as you wish.. happy day* - by Elaya Gaia
a woman standing next to a pink flower
fish shaped kites flying in the sky over a city
Yuzen-goi is the most popular koinobori with simple scale pattern.
the fireflies are flying through the trees in the night sky, and they appear to be glowing yellow
Into The Dream
Into The Dream - See Firefly wild dance, Wakayama, Japan!!!!
an island in the water surrounded by fog
Homepage - IONOI Gallery by Fabio Novembre
James Cameron, Avatar, 2009 | Hallelujah Mountains
an image of some trees floating in the air with birds flying over them and land below
The Floating Islands by btgarts on DeviantArt
The Floating Islands by btgarts.deviantart.com on @deviantART
an image of some strange looking structures in the sky
הועברת לדף אחר
Avatar - Floating Island - Roger Dean
an artistic painting of a waterfall and tree in the middle of a forest with lots of rocks
Fantasy Artworks by Frank Att - Cruzine
Fantasy Artworks by Frank Att #bonetech3d conceptart steampunk
a drawing of a mermaid with long hair
inspirasjon03 Fictional Characters, Character, Joker
inspirasjon 02
inspirasjon 02
a drawing of a woman sitting on top of a pink flower with a green dragon
inspiration for diorama