Periwinkle Blue Bedroom-- colors are very calming!!

Periwinkle Blue Bedroom: Andrew wants to paint one of the guest rooms Periwinkle. This one is nice & neutral

Metropolitan This is an architectural gray which has more warmth than a classic French gray. I am partial to this gray because it feels more alive than so many flat grays and that translates into rooms that are inviting and livable.

FABRIKK 5081 Farge Interiør |

Inspiration for kitchen walls, FABRIKK 5081 from Jotun. A lighter choice than deco blue, but still gives the room a special mood.

Sens 9915 Morgendis - LADY Inspirasjonsblogg

9915 Morgendis for all the walls on the ground floor with 9918 Klassisk hvit for the ceilings, windows and skirting boards