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a display case filled with potted plants in front of a window
spring fever and glass houses
many different types of plants in glass jars on top of a wooden table with chains hanging from the ceiling
an old fashioned musical instrument is sitting on the floor next to a lamp and rug
30 Unbelievably Dashing Furniture Created from the Repurposed Wood - Matchness.com
a toy house on top of a book shelf with plants in the corner next to it
20 Handmade Gifts That Are Perfect for Kids of All Ages
a gold framed shelf with pictures and other items on it
Living room shelf inspiration
a lamp that is on top of a table with some plants in it and moss
a doll sitting on top of a saucer with a hairdow in it
VERONICA Mixed Media Art OOAK Doll Art Assemblage Art BOHO - Etsy