Elisabeth Engebretsen

Elisabeth Engebretsen

Elisabeth Engebretsen
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Create surface with mixed fabrics and or papers or both. Range of hues such as reds, pinks, oranges, maroons. Paper will curl back so if laid on top of fabric?

Working with the idea of causing human viewer interaction with my works, I am making pieces that viewers can “rearrange”, thereby creating another story; their own personal, alternative view. Right now, those works are taking place on the wall in more of a 3D format, but new ideas are in the works for changeable environments, also. At any rate, I am alive and smack dab in the middle of it all…so…. I want to Reconnect. ” – Leisa Rich

Unique Fiber Art Sculpture by Canadian Artist Leisa Rich

Felted Boa Scarf par FeltedPleasure sur Flickr

Felted Boa Scarf - oh my!

Bracelet in merino wool, coconut beads

Gallery 2009 - 2011 - Felted Scarves and Nuno Felt Accessories

Gallery.ru / Фото #1 - ANDREA GRAHAM -

The Velvet Highway - In the Vernacular: Artistic Responses to Climate Change by Jo Turney

Andrea Graham  Feltmaker - Fibre Artist

Andrea Graham Feltmaker - Fibre Artist (these look like Dr Seuss critters to me)

Ann Small a UK fibre artist - Fibre Arts Australia

Ann Small a UK fibre artist - Fibre Arts Australia Edges art Visual Texture and edges Suitable to aid with GCSE Question like Textures or Edges



manipulated fabric strips, fabric coming to life                              …

This is felt? We are delighted to present a workshop with the renowned German feltmaker Dagmar Binder. Dagmar has given workshops and exhibited widely throughout Europe and North and South America. As well as th.

Grey Contina Necklace

Grey Paper Necklace by alicekresse