How to Sell on Google

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How to Sell on Google Shopping: A Beginner’s Guide 2021
As an online seller, your ultimate goal is to attract new buyers without driving up your marketing costs. You’re already grid posting and tweeting for traffic — but did you know you can attract real customers by getting your product in front of shoppers right when they’re looking for it? Enter Google Shopping. This small but mighty tab on the Google Search Result Page showcases sellers’ products from around the globe, specifically ones related to your searches.
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Introducing Google Smart Shopping: All your Google Advertising in One Easy Tool
Marketing automation with Ecwid just got smarter. Now you can be seen everywhere customers are browsing, researching, and buying online with Google Smart Shopping ads for Ecwid stores. With this latest overhaul of the Google ads tool, you can take your products to the top of Google search and beyond with YouTube, Gmail, and the Google Display Network. Automated Google advertising with Ecwid is like having your own marketing team on-call 24/7: ads run, test, and optimize automatically...