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"So what do you say Sheldon, are we your X-men?" "No the X men were named for the X in Charles Xavier. Since I am Sheldon Cooper, you will be my C-men." -Penny and Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory

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*Spoilers*   Also, I just wanted to say that I will be posting spoilers from His Last Vow.

Mycroft and Sherlock are so afraid of Mummy Holmes. And Mycroft opts to be noble and protect himself and his little brother, whereas Sherlock is like "abandon ship! Throw Brother Mine under the bus!

In the original stories, John was a flat character to emphasize by contrast Sherlock's extraordinary qualities. In this BBC incarnation, John is just a constantly confused but compassionate person, to emphasize by contrast that Sherlock is freaking nuts. I kinda love it.

Pretty much sums up Sherlock and John's relationship. <<John is pretty much along for the ride and has to deal with Sherlock's shenanigans.

Sherlock may have to revisit some crime scenes now that he knows magical morning tea is not a thing that actually happens.

I'm bringing you your morning tea. Your not usually awake. You bring me tea in the morning? Well where do you think it came from? It just sort of happened. And doesn't know that the earth revolves around the sun.