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a statue of a woman holding a child on top of a block of concrete with a gray wall in the background
Sylvie du Plessis
Sylvie du Plessis Plus
three stone sculptures sitting on top of a black table
Zelfgemaakt van klei.. Foto geplaatst door Els1 op
Interieurideeën | Zelfgemaakt van klei. Door AnkieM
three bronze figures are standing on a shelf
Escultura Tres
an artistic sculpture in the middle of a garden
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Keramiek | Beelden | Galerie van Oorschot
a metal sculpture on a black base with balls in it's arms and legs
Gezin. Powertex Gemaakt door Annelies Timmer
a cake with a stick sticking out of it sitting on a table next to a lamp
SATYR (Armature Day 1)
Madsculptor: SATYR wonderful armature..movement in pose
a plastic figurine holding a paintbrush on top of it's head
Gallery - Paverpol
Gallery - Paverpol
an angel statue with two hearts attached to it's back on a doily
She is simple and perfect
three white sculptures are on display in front of a stucco wall, one is wearing a purple dress
Esculturas de papel grandes
Esculturas con pollera grande de base individual, el tratamiento de los materiales es identico en tod...