Aberdeen, Skotland

Aberdeen isn't all dreich and dreary granite, it possesses an astoundingly beautiful beach. Dolphins can be seen playing offshore.


Rhodes sailing guide and yacht charters - sailing holidays in Rhodes - Dodecanese

Aberdeen, Skotland :)

Living and Working in Aberdeen - UK Oil and Gas Industry - The Oil .

Reykjavík, Ísland

Icelanders work hard – they average one of the longest working days in Europe – but they also play hard. Weekends in downtown Reykjavík are a special experience.

Bergen, Norra

scandinavia The Scandinavian Peninsula is a massive expanse that offers travelers the most stunning scenery available anywhere in the world, especially in the west.

Salamanca, Spania

Plaza Mayor, Salamanca, Spain I studied for a semester here and LOVE it! amazing-places-i-ve-been

København :)

Copenhagen is a real Christmas city and oozes of atmosphere during the Christmas months.

Lindos, Rhodos

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