dziewanna kristiansen

dziewanna kristiansen

Larvik / freelancing, cooking, playing handball in the meantime
dziewanna kristiansen
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Strangelove Next Family

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Ogorki Kiszone (Brined Dill pickles)

Grandma made Brined dill pickles (ogórki kiszone) every summer with her own cucumbers and fresh dill from her garden.I still remember how good her kitchen used to smell.

pierogi z kaszą gryczaną i białym serem

Pierogi z kaszą gryczaną i białym serem - przepis


Firming for Life Healthy Habit - Eat Green! Dark leafy greens like spinach and kale are excellent sources of Vitamin A, which is everything from an immunity-booster and eyesight-protector to keeping skin from becoming dry, flaky.