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a mother will rearrangg her whole life for her children text on black background
a girl in a pink dress with the words i will never be out here living my best life without my kids they are the best part of my life
a woman holding a baby in her arms and touching it's head with both hands
the quote moms shouldn't have to smile so that everyone else can swim
a quote that reads parents, if your older kids sometimes need you more and in bigger and deeper ways than they
the text is written in black and white
Newborns are easy. Toddlers are assholes just because they can be. Newborns only cry when they need something. toddlers cry for every reason known to man. Wrong cup? End of the world.. Wont let them eat a week old chicken nugget they found under the couch, hello satan! - iFunny
a pink background with the words raising my son to be a man that your daughter don't have to recover from
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a white poster with black text that says i love being at home with my big kids