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a chandelier hangs from the ceiling in front of a blue chair and french doors
Creating an Ancestral Country Estate - The Glam Pad
an open door leading to a garden with hedges in the back ground and large windows on either side
Creative Outdoor Dining Ideas for Your Easter Brunch
an outdoor dining area next to a pool with chairs and tables in front of it
Outdoor dining rooms
two chairs and a table in front of large windows with potted plants on them
Tone on Tone - Interior & Garden Design
Fabulous conservatory: slate floors // glass windows w/transoms // ceiling painted dove gray
a window seat with pillows on it next to a stair case
Unique Home Architecture
Window seat built into stairwell
an open door leading to another room with wooden floors and large windows overlooking the city
two tall vases filled with white flowers on top of a hard wood floor next to windows
Burlingame Wedding at Kohl Mansion by Volatile Photography
Style Me Pretty | Gallery & Inspiration | Subject - Ceremony | Picture - 644605