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Aphantochilus roguersi or "Grab Spider"

Aphantochilus roguersi or "Grab Spider"

A female Ornamental tree trunk spider, Herennia sp. with caterpillar prey.

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A female Ornamental tree trunk spider, Herennia sp. with caterpillar prey. More tropical spiders: orionmystery.blogspot.com/2012/01/tropical-spiders.html

A brown recluse spider bite, two months later. ("How to Identify a Spider Bite.")

How to Identify a Spider by Its Bite

I've seen a lot of spider bites. Often, the spider is never seen. I've developed several tricks for how to identify the spider by the bite.

brown recluse spider bite | Brown Recluse Spider Bite and Staph Infection | Flickr - Photo Sharing ...

Brown Recluse Spider Bite and Staph Infection

2010-11-12 = I decide to stay over the weekend at my parents' house. I get a sheet out of a bottom drawer of an armoire to make my bed on the couch. As I am in that twilight stage between being asleep and awake, I feel a tickling on the back of my thigh. I swat a few times (not very efficiently since I am groggy). I hardly awaken and then fall back asleep. 2010-11-13 = I notice a small pimple on the back of my thigh. At this point, I think it's just an ingrown hair or something. I don't…

Skeleton Tarantula    by Michelle Howarth

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Brown recluse spider bite

Brown recluse spider bite

ɛïɜ Eight Spotted Crab Spider ɛïɜ


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Crab spider - Thomisus onustus (family Thomisidae) female ”

Huntsman Spider (Sparassidae sp.)

Huntsman Spider (Thelcticopis sp.) - DSC_4119

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Ant-mimicking jumping spider (Myrmarachne sp.)

Ant-mimicking jumping spider (Myrmarachne sp.) (1)

Found during a day hike in Andasibe national park, Madagascar. Thanks for looking and commenting for info and stories accompanying photos you can check out pbertner.wordpress.com

Very Large Pink Velvet Spider By Mister Finch

Mister Finch

Very Large Pink Velvet Spider By Mister Finch

Huntsman spider and babies

Huntsman spider and babies

Brooksville, Florida view large to see the baby spider...