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hands are shown with different angles and sizes
Куклы из холодного фарфора, пластики, папье маше...
four different views of the feet and ankles of a doll
Mold – Popovy Sisters
a hand holding a tiny baby doll in it's palm
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three different views of the same person's bare feet and toenails,
venitu's feet
the legs and feet of a doll are decorated with green ribbon, bows and lace
a red haired doll is curled up in a teacup with her head resting on the baby's breast
Mini Sculpture, Art Dolls in Denver
Mini Sculpture, Art Dolls in Denver. fairy polymer clay doll.
a close up of a doll with flowers on her head
☆♚What star are you from?♚☆
#doll #bjd
an odd looking wire sculpture sitting on top of a table
Beth Robinson's Strange Dolls
Art it...
a woman sitting on top of a table with tattoos on her body and legs
Enchanted Doll at the Catherine's Palace in St. Petersurg
.Enchanted Doll.
a woman in a white dress with flowers on her head and arms, standing next to a mirror
The whole day of chasing sunbeams - I just love natural light for dolls...
art doll
a woman with long hair and horns sitting on the ground
White Tender Demon
White Tender Demon by Tireless Artist
a doll with long red hair is posed on a table next to flowers and roses
Little lace doll – `Pierrot`