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a woman in green scrubs holding a medicine box and a stethoscope
a woman doctor holding up a white board and pointing at it with her hand on the side
Beautiful happy professional female doctor peeking out of a blank billboard
a woman in a doctor's coat sitting at a desk with papers on it
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a woman doctor with glasses and a stethoscope on her chest smiling at the camera
Doctor vector image on VectorStock
a girl in a white jacket and black pants with pink hearts on the wall behind her
Mulher médico bonita | Vetor Premium
a woman wearing a surgical mask and praying
Free Photo | Side view of praying doctor isolated over black
a female doctor holding a clipboard and pointing at it with her hand on the board
Doctor woman in medical gown with stethoscope vector image on VectorStock
a woman in a hat and sunglasses with hearts on her chest is posing for the camera
Summer kiss woman vector image on VectorStock