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10 Modern Meditation Mantras to Enhance Your Boho Life @

Sometimes those ancient mantras, although effective when done right, can be difficult to master. Here are some easier modern meditation mantras to help!

18 night-time affirmations before you go to sleep.

18 night-time affirmations that will help send you to sleep with a feeling of confidence and clarity, whilst positively setting you up for the next morning.

The healing power in holding one's fingers...

Lightly hold each finger one at a time. Begin with your right thumb, exhale and inhale 36 breaths (or minutes). Continue with each finger. Do the right hand, then the left. have time for both hands, hold the side that feels most tense.

Top 10 Morning Meditation Mantras ~ Medi Sumo

Top 10 Morning Meditation Mantras- Morning is the best time for meditation. Aided by mantras it is even better an experience. Here are some of the best mantra for meditation that you can try.