The Best Mojito by theyummlylife: With step by step instructions : )


Mojitos: small fresh mint leaves, plus a sprig for garnish 1 lime, sliced into thin rounds 1 lime, juiced (approx. or 2 tablespoons of juice) 1 oz. tablespoons) light rum ice, cubes or crushed

Colorful healthy smoothies  5 day's worth of smoothies

Five Easy Mouthwatering Smoothie Recipes

Five Easy Mouthwatering Smoothie Recipes - Learn how to make five easy smoothie recipes, one for each day of the week! Video and written instructions here: gwyl.

Sweet Basil Lemonade by thekitchn as adapted from Gourmet: Nonalcoholic, but yes would taste pretty good with vodka. #Basil_Lemonade #Lemonade #Beverages #thekitchn #Gourmet

Summer Refreshment: Sweet Basil Lemonade

Basil {ingredients} cups basil lemon syrup (recipe below) cups cold water cups ice cubes cups fresh lemon juice Garnish: fresh basil sprigs;

Reclaimed wood is both modern and rustic. And wine is always good! -- "Wine Rack Reclaimed Pallet Wood Pallet Wine by JNMRusticDesigns"

Le Poison by David McCandless #Infographic #Cocktails

Certified bartender I am. Too bad id rather dance. Le Poison by David McCandless

. #clean #recipes #eatclean #recipe #healthy

I love putting grapefruit slices and mint in my water. :) 20 Delicious Detox Waters to Cleanse Your Body and Burn Fat