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Smartphone Tripod by XYZPrint3r - Thingiverse

Smartphone Tripod by - Thingiverse

Customizable Foldable Phone Stand by Cort - Thingiverse

A simple foldable phone stand with print-in-place hinge that can be customized to any length, phone size, or angle of tilt. I designed the entire mode

Folding Hinged Phone Stand (for large phones) by Qrome - Thingiverse

Hinged and folding phone stand for larger and all kinds of phones. I wanted a portable phone stand that could easily be folded and carried around in

Simple, yet stylish phone stand by smartformat - Thingiverse

Simple, yet stylish phone stand by smartformat - Thingiverse

Holder for wireless Samsung S6 Charger by hbaulig - Thingiverse

Holder for wireless Samsung Charger by hbaulig - Thingiverse

Smartphone (Mobile Phone) Stand Business Card 85x54x1 kit-Card by 3D_Print_Karlsruhe - Thingiverse

Smartphone (Mobile Phone) Stand Business Card kit-Card by - Thingiverse

Adjustable iPhone Stand by bobamason - Thingiverse

Practical Printing Projects - Adjustable iPhone Stand This stand with adjustable tilt holds an iPhone or similar sized phone.

iPhone/Smartphone Stand by kieranjones39 - Thingiverse

iPhone/Smartphone Stand by - Thingiverse

Forklift Phone Stand by AnderssonC - Thingiverse

A forklift phone stand with a hidden compartment under the seat. STL file explanation: A = Hidden compartment B = No hidden compartment C = Open all t

Adjustable Phone/Tablet Stand by Industrial_Designed - Thingiverse

This is a stand for holding a cell phone or tablet in many positions. It is particularly nice for drawing on a tablet that uses a stylus as It gets th

Phone Stand by GoAftens - Thingiverse

Will upload pictures wh

Pokemon Bulbasaur- Low Poly - Keyring Phone Stand by we3duk - Thingiverse

Thanks to FLOWALISTIK creating the Low Poly Bulbasaur, I have changed the design and added a slot for your smartphone, a support to the back and also a hole through the center to enable you to attach rope/string etc.

Universal Smartphone Stand by auralgasm - Thingiverse

Universal stand for phone. You may want to scale it up or down if you're looking for a specific fit. For vertical p

Horizontal Phone Stand for Video Viewing (now Customizer ready) by HPonstein - Thingiverse

I wanted a nice looking stand that looked interesting when the phone wasn't in it. It needed to hold my phone in a horizontal p

Phone Stand by daveman77 - Thingiverse

Phone Stand by - Thingiverse

Printable Hinge Easel by akshay_d21 - Thingiverse

Printable Hinged Easel is really a multipurpose Thing. You can use this to display photos, cards, Mobile Phone/iPads/Tablets on tables.