Wireframe Skull Pencil Holder (For The Love of Dog) by philnelson - Thingiverse

Curved honeycomb vase by eggnot - Thingiverse

Just a couple of modifiers to give Honeycomb vase more stable bottom. Done in Blender .blend file is attached

This is the first tea bowl I've designed from scratch using CAD software.

there are many bowls on thingiverse, but since I am learning Blender, I did this and I like the result, I'm sharing it.

This is a closed model. Slice with the "usual" vase settings. No infill, no top.

This is a decorative little vase I recently created in Solid Works. Please let me know if your printed one, I would love to see pictures of your pri

This is a beautiful vase planter I designed to house my succulent plants.

This is a cool vase I designed in Fusion Enjoy!

Customizable Polygon Morph Vase by anoved

Customizable Twisted Polygon Vase by anoved - Thingiverse

Tea Bowls, Vases, Jars, Tea Mugs, Vase

Create smoothly curved containers such as bowls, urns, or vases with this customizable design.