Universal Phone & Tablet Stand (Improved) V2 by cnorth - Thingiverse

Universal Phone & Tablet Stand (Improved) by cnorth - Thingiverse

Folding Hinged Phone Stand (for large phones) by Qrome - Thingiverse

Hinged and folding phone stand for larger and all kinds of phones. I wanted a portable phone stand that could easily be folded and carried around in

Printable Hinge Easel by akshay_d21 - Thingiverse

Printable Hinged Easel is really a multipurpose Thing. You can use this to display photos, cards, Mobile Phone/iPads/Tablets on tables.

Horizontal Phone Stand for Video Viewing (now Customizer ready) by HPonstein - Thingiverse

I wanted a nice looking stand that looked interesting when the phone wasn't in it. It needed to hold my phone in a horizontal p

Phone Stand by daveman77 - Thingiverse

Phone Stand by - Thingiverse

Darth Vader Phone Stand by jcatala - Thingiverse

Removed the keychain hole, modified Y dimensions and cleaned some disconnected vertex with blender.

Generic Slotted Base by WilliamAAdams - Thingiverse

A funny thing happened on the way to constructing a jewelry holder for my wife. I need to be able to hold a piece of acrylic at a certain angle.

Stable Jointed Phone Stand by Qrome - Thingiverse

This is my and favorite phone stand. Very stable with all sizes even with a standard iPad down to an iPhone size. The stand is collapsable an

Cobra Phone Stand by Marius_Jakovlevas - Thingiverse

Elegant and simple phone stand. Designed for OnePlus 1 and adopted for various other phones.

Wacky iPhone/Smartphone Stand by kieranjones39 - Thingiverse

Wacky iPhone/Smartphone Stand by - Thingiverse

Clean IPhone 5-7+ stand by knarket - Thingiverse

Clean IPhone stand by knarket - Thingiverse

universal stand by aburnsdesign - Thingiverse

A universal stand 4 phone ans/or tablet

Phone holder Phone stand with heart by Gertsen - Thingiverse

Based on design from Byctrldesign. Changes: It's a bit wider, changed from to Added some buttocks, for use with silicone anti-sli

Universal Smartphone Stand by auralgasm - Thingiverse

Universal stand for phone. You may want to scale it up or down if you're looking for a specific fit. For vertical p

Phone stand wrench by vsaari - Thingiverse

Phone Stand Wrench for OnePlus One with the official flip cover. Just put your phone between the teeth and let it rest against the wrench.

Phone Stand by utahbmxer - Thingiverse

Phone Stand by utahbmxer - Thingiverse