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Fat Burning Hip Workout for Tight, Toned Hips & Outer Thighs

You can slim down, tone up and firm your outer thighs, butt, and hips with this quick, fun fat-burning Hip Workout for women. Last week, I was warming up with my client Bonnie when she said 'My butt is falling but my hips are huge and have dips that make my butt look more square. Is there a workout that'll help me?' I created this Hip Workout for her on the fly. We both loved it so much I had to share it with you, too. If you want to shape and tone your hips and lift your butt you're going

4 Easy Exercises To Achieve Stunningly Strong Shaped Arms -

While different exercises focus on different muscles, all the parts of the body are still required to work together, making upper body exercises essential for the successful athlete. Strong arms are important in running, biking, lifting and aerobics. Strengthening your upper body, especially the shoulders and back, will give you the posture to fight unnecessary injuries and maintain form in workouts. […]

The Best Booty Building Butt Exercises that Aren't Squats

The Best Butt Exercises for Women that aren't squats and don't bulk legs. Lift, build, and firm your booty with these butt exercises from Christina Carlyle.


Amazing core workout : BodyBoss Ultimate Body Fitness Workout Guide : Sports & Outdoors

Hot Mess Full Body Workout

Let me tell you, this Hot Mess Full Body Workout is really straightforward and uncomplicated, but it's sure to leave you one HOT MESS!


Bat wing dumbbell tricep exercises

Hello and Welcome! I created this channel to share my favorite workouts to help you get in shape at home! My workout routines are quick and effective and req...


Tank Top Arms

Timing: 30 minutes Equipment: Mat, kettlebells Advantageous to: abs and Butt Directions: Choose four drills Below for buttocks work out and complete abs. Entire 4 sets of 12 to 15 reps. once you have completed all types of

Circuit Training on the Track/Treadmill

~~~ Today's Workout: 6 hill repeats, 4 miles biking Monthly Health Goal - No Eating After 8:00 pm: ~~~ I came up with a less archaic way to track my monthly health goal process, just in time to highlight my slip-up last night. I was attending a birthday dinner for a friend and I definitely wasn't going to miss out just because the reservation was for after 8:00 pm. I choose to follow this lady's perspective, that you should live by the 80/20 rule when it comes to dieting. 80% of the time…

Fat Burning Stomach Exercises for a Flat Toned Tummy

Easy Stomach Exercises for flat, tight, toned tummy. The stomach exercises in this ab workout are perfect for busy women to Burn Belly Fat and Get Flat Abs.


Get the best workouts for every type of exercise and part of the body including cardio workouts, HIIT workouts, arm workouts, and many more.

Abs are Made in the Kitchen and Revealed in the Gym

Since everybody is looking for toned and defined abs to complete a summer beach body, I want to post a little motivation. This is also to motivate myself, since I've been slacking a little. I firmly believe in the statements: abs are made in the kitchen, but revealed in the gym. You can work your core for hours, but if you have a poor diet, you're work is negated and progress remains at a standstill. I've seen the positive and negative effects that a poor diet can have on my abs. If I eat a…