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a painting of sailboats sailing in the ocean
Getz - 1959
a painting with many flags flying in the air
New Yorker - June 1931
an old fashion magazine cover with a woman wearing a white dress and holding a scarf
Le Sourire (1930's) (p.2) — Vintage original prints and images
Suzanne Meunier 1930 ''Jolie brise''
an advertisement for the richmond station for the river, featuring women in red and white dresses
Artworks by style: Art Deco -
Jean Dupas. Regatta time's pleasant,Richmond. 1933
the cover of ladies'home journal showing a woman on a boat
Art Deco
Ladies Home Journal June 1928
an advertisement for the vancouver yacht club shows two women on a boat in the water
'Smooth Sailing, Vancouver Island, Canada' Photo |
Smooth Sailing, Vancouver Island, Canada Posters at
an advertisement for the national boat show
National Boat Show - 1954
a woman in a red swimsuit is riding on a paddle boat
Filippo Romoli and the Venuses of Liguria - Italian Ways
a woman is sitting on the bow of a boat
Vintage Travel Brochure Graphics- Affiches & Posters Tourisme Vintage
an advertisement for a sailboat on the water
Archivio storico della regione liguria
an advertisement for denmark next with two people sitting on the front of a sailboat
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