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a video showing how to use a grate in a shower stall with the words say goodbye to grime on it
Home Harmony Tips on Instagram: "🔥 Say goodbye to grime! 🔥 Watch how I transform this shower grout using this simple DIY cleaning paste, scrub brush, and reusable microfiber cloths! Here’s what you’ll need below! 💪🏼 DIY Grout Cleaning Paste: 1️⃣ cup baking soda 2️⃣/3️⃣ cup dish soap 3️⃣/3️⃣ cup water Use a cloth, brush, or both to ensure a deep clean! 🧽 Let us know if you try this! And please may I have an extra call to action to like, follow, and share for more tips on how your house can be harmonious. 🏠💫 Credits:@sandtproducts #homeharmony #cleaningtips #DIYcleaning #bathroomcleaning #groutcleaning #homemaintenance #cleaninghacks #cleaningpaste"
a person is using a spray bottle to clean a metal trash can with the words appliance maintenance on it
Kami Larae on Instagram: "Keeping appliances like new | 10 things you should to do each month #appliancemaintenance #homeappliancecare #howtomaintainappliances #appliancecleaning #tips #appliances #cleantok"
a bath room with a stone floor and a laptop on top of the counter next to it
Anna | Home Organizing and Cleaning on Instagram: "🌟 Ditch the harsh chemicals and embrace a safer way to brighten your bathroom! ♥️ First, be sure to follow for more viral cleaning hacks and simplify your home.You don’t want to miss these! 🏡 Try the viral DIY grout cleaner that’s effective and family-friendly: 👉 1/2 cup baking soda for non-scratch shine ✨ 👉 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide for unbeatable germ-fighting 🦠 👉 1 teaspoon Dawn dish soap to cut through the toughest grime 💪 Mix, apply, scrub, wait 10 mins and rinse! 🚿 Sparkling tiles, no harsh fumes. 👇 Save this for later, you’re going to want to do this one! ✈️ Send it to a mom who needs this game-changing hack today! When was the last time you cleaned your bathroom grout?🛀🧼 #cleaninghacks #tidyhomehacks #cleanin
the before and after photos of a bathroom remodel
Care Cleaning on Instagram: "Everybody always wants to know how my employees get these amazing before and after results and I’m going to tell you exactly what they do!!! Mix 1 cup distilled white vinegar with 1/2 Cup blue dawn dish soap and spray it all over and let sit for 20 minutes (it’s so important to let the product sit and do the work. TIP: before you put the blue dawn in with the vinegar heat the vinegar up for one minute (this will make it easier to spray and not be so thick. If you have extra hard stains that still wont come clean then mix together 1/2 cup baking soda 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide 1 tablespoon blue dawn dish soap Put this paste on the stain that won’t come clean then let it sit for 15 minutes then scrub. This is how you will get the most amazing results an
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use
Sophie Webb on Instagram: "Here it is! The diy surface spray that cuts through the grease and grime that builds up on your kitchen cabinets. 🧼 This nonabrasive spray dissolves grease and grime rather than smearing it around as you wipe. 1. In a spray bottle mix 1 cup of water with 1cup of vinegar and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. 2. Spray on cabinets surfaces, avoiding porous surfaces such as stone and wood. 3. Wipe off with a damp microfibre cloth and/or mop. 4. Dry off with a clean tea towel. For more tips follow @what.sophie.does #hometips #cleankitchen #cleanhome #cleaningaccount #diycleaning"
the best homemade shower cleaner just 2 ingredients
Homemade Shower Cleaner Recipe with Dawn and Vinegar Cleaning Hack
Best homemade shower cleaner recipe for a natural, non-toxic clean in your home. Simply mix equal parts of vinegar and Dawn together in a spray bottle and you're set for the cleanest bathroom ever! #cleaning #cleaningtips #cleaninghacks #tipsandtricks #bathroomcleaning #cleaners #nontoxic
two hands holding a jar of cinnamon spices
Wellness Wise Ways on Instagram: "10 home & cleaning hacks to master! 🧽🪣✨ Follow us for more practical home and wellness solutions to nurture a balanced, sustainable, and budget-friendly life. 🌱 #wellness #livewell #cleanhome #cleaningmotivation #homedecor #cleaninghacks #sustainableliving #sustainability #wellnesswiseways"
a man sitting in front of a microwave with the words here's the easier way to clean your microwave
Ken Long on Instagram: "When was the last time you cleaned your microwave? 🤢 All you need is: 1️⃣ Cup of Water 1️⃣ Cup of Vinegar 2️⃣ Table Spoons of 🍋 Place it in the microwave for 2 minutes ⏰ or until it begins to boil. Allow it to sit with the 🚪 closed for 5 minutes and it will be easy to wipe! #cleaningtips #diy #home #kitchen"
a woman is holding up a sign in a store
Do It On A Dime on Instagram: "The last one is still a most requested DIY! Organize your entire house from Dollar Tree. #doitonadime #dollartree #dollartreediy #dollartreeaddict #dollartreefinds #organize #organization #clean"
a man sitting in front of a sink with his arms crossed and looking at the camera
2.7M views · 168K likes | Kyshawn - Weekly Home Check on Instagram: "How to keep your drains clean from clogs and other blockage. Week 50 home maintenance reminder, let’s flush the drains to keep them free from any build up of grease, food or hair. - Pour 1/2 baking soda down the drain - Following with 1/4 cup vinegar, then immediately cover - Pour another 1/4 cup vinegar and immediately cover - Leave covered for about 30 minutes - Flush with hot or boiling water(be careful if you have glass or porcelain sinks) 🏠Follow to stay on top of all your home maintenance 📩Sign up for weekly email reminders! . . . . #homemaintenance #homereminders #hometips #drains #cloggeddrains @scrubdaddy @armandhammer @hgtv"
a person is holding up a sponge in the middle of a kitchen with an oven and counter top
BETHANY JOY SY |diy•renovation•parenting| on Instagram: "I linked these in my profile for ya! I’ve been putting off cleaning this oven for so long, but Thanksgiving is around the corner! What better time than now?! If I had known that a $2 pumice stone and some water would be 100% easier than any chemical, I would have done it a long time ago. It is SO SATISFYING. The whole oven took me 30 minutes, and there’s really no elbow grease required. Just some circular motions. ALTHOUGH. The oven racks were more tedious, I must admit. And while the pumice stone worked on them, I found it more efficient to use a stainless steel wool on those. NOTE: this type of pumice is meant for cleaning. It’s different than the pumice you use on your feet. The pumice stones are in my Amazon storefront!
a woman sitting on the floor with her hands clasped in front of her face, saying things i wish knew as a first time mom
Autumn Grace on Instagram: "This is one of the easiest ways to get throw up stains off of the carpet! Hope you never have to use this hack, but if you do, I hope it helps! #mom #momhack #lifehack #hack"