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an image of jesus sitting on top of a cloud with two birds flying around him
The Death
an oil painting of a house with a full moon in the background and a person sitting on a bridge
Wilfred Bosworth Jenkins Signed Original English Antique Oil Painting On Board River At Dusk Under Moonlight (because you don't do new)
a painting of a woman in a long white dress walking through a graveyard at night
Old Cemetery
Photo by: The Phantom Painter/Instagram
Gothic Art, Illustrators, Scary Art, Creepy, Dark Art Illustrations
an oil painting of flowers on a hill at night
a painting of a city street at night with the moon in the sky above it
Walter Meegan (1859 - 1944) Nocturne street scene
a painting of a man in a boat on the water next to a stone wall
a woman in a black dress standing in a field with flames behind her and the sky on fire