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four rulers are shown with the words coloring rulers to teach measuring
Coloring to Help with Measuring
three drawings of robots with hearts on them
Area and Perimeter Activities
a bulletin board with different shapes and colors
Perimeter and Area Problems-Cooperation Time! - The Teacher Studio
a poster with words and pictures on it that say perimeter is can look like
Kinesthetic Area and Perimeter
there is a bird that is sitting on some rocks in the sand and flowers are around it
How To Lay A Flagstone Pathway - Soon To Be Charming
How To Lay A Flagstone Pathway - Soon To Be Charming
a piece of paper with measurements on it
Measurement Tag: A Fun Game to Teach Measuring!
Measurement Tag: A Fun Game To Teach Measuring - Teaching with Jillian Starr
the great chain race book cover with colorful glasses on it and people standing in line
Longest Paper Chain: An Easy STEM Challenge Students Love!
two pictures with the words teaching area and perimeter on them, in front of a wooden table
Teaching Area and Perimeter
Get a HUGE collection of ideas for teaching area and perimeter to third and fourth grade students! These ideas are perfect for guided math and math workshop!
four different types of numbers and times on a sheet of paper with the words,
Strategies to Teach Elapsed Time
Help students understand elapsed time when teaching math with these four different strategies. Check out these tips and ideas while grabbing a FREEBIE!
a clock with the words easy ways to teach kids to tell time past the hour
Teaching kids to tell time past the hour - Around the Kampfire
Teaching kids to tell time past the hour can be challenging but it doesn’t have to be a struggle for you or your students. Learn simple ways you can make telling time so much easier for your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders that make telling time more concrete and fun! These teaching ideas and FREE telling time games and activities are ideal for teachers and homeschool parents of first, second and third graders.
measuring pipe cleaners with the words measuring pipe cleaners next to it and a ruler
Measuring Pipe Cleaners - Simply Kinder
There is no better way to learn about measurement than with a hands-on activity. You typically don’t need many supplies. Just grab a ruler and you’re ready to go. Today, we’re going to add another simple element which you can use for so many fun measurement activity. What are we going to add? We’re …
three clocks are shown in front of each other with the words next to them below
Interactive Learning Sites for Education
three children are sitting on the floor working on construction paper with pencils in front of them
Scholastic Teaching Tools | Resources for Teachers
Use these fun and engaging hands-on activities to help your students fully understand the mathematical concepts of area and perimeter.