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Lick The Bowl Good: Hot Cocoa Cupcakes for People.com!

Christmas hot cocoa cupcakes Start w/ chocolate cupcakes Frost w/ buttercream or marshmellow icing Add mini marshmellows to top, sprinkle a few mini chocolate chips and crushed peppermint. Tuck a mini candy cane on the side as shown.

It was my New Year’s resolution….to start the year off with a clean oven. I realize it sounds a bit silly and mundane. But I cook/bake a lot and every time I open that oven I am embarrassed for myself. I recently had some friends over for a small Holiday party….and they were helping me …

Alternative to Oven Cleaner, Baking Soda, 5 Drops of Dawn, 4 T Vinegar mix into paste. Coat oven and let sit 15 Min scrub with salted Lemon Slice

11 Effective Yoga Poses To Build Your Body Strength by stylecraze #Yoga #Strength #Toning

Do you think that yoga is practiced only for stretching, flexibility, and stress release? Here are 11 strength building yoga poses for you to check out & include in your workout.