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a painting of a peacock and a gazebo in front of a garden with palm trees
Artistsayeed | Freepik
Jharokha Style Lippan Artwork by Komall Iamartist
there is a painting on the wall next to two vases
Jharokha | Rajastani wall decor | Rajastgani door | Indian home decor | vintage door | clay art
an old painted cabinet with flowers on it
Sideboard painted in light green, yellow and orange tones, decorated in Tyrolean style with stylized flowers. | Mobili Vangelista
a painting with red and blue flowers in it's center, on a white background
A specimen of illuminated calligraphy and ten drawings of pietra-dura work in the Taj Mahal, Agra. | Unknown | V&A Explore The Collections
an ornate doorway with two golden doors in front of colorful wallpaper and statues on either side
Hindu Cosmos
an ornate doorway with gold doors and decorative decorations on the outside, painted in bright colors
an illustration of a cow in front of a palm tree with the moon behind it
Street Art, Portraits, Floral
a peacock standing on top of a fountain next to palm trees and flowers in front of a mirror
Moroccan decorative wall
a painting of a buddha on a yellow frame with pink flowers in the foreground
Handpainted Buddha with pichwai lotus
Lord Ganesha Lippan Frame work in progress
a blue and yellow wall hanging with an image of the god in india on it
two peacocks painted on the side of a wall with gold trimming and ornate designs
Manhattan Loft Corporation, property developers in London
a peacock sitting on top of a tree branch next to a red and white wall
Peacock wall painting jagsartudaipur
an elephant painted on the side of a green and pink wallpaper with floral designs
three blue plates with paintings on them are sitting on the ground next to each other
an intricately designed mask with two cows in front of yellow wall paper art print
Beautiful Shreenathji Pichwai Artwork White Cow Stock Illustration 1960291405 | Shutterstock
three vases with flowers painted on them
The fusion home | BASICS | Raipur
an ornate design with flowers and leaves in blue, red, yellow and green colors
Mughal & Persian
a cow standing next to a pink flower on a green and red background with an ornate border
A Beautiful Pichwai Cow Illustration for Home Decore. Indian Cow Traditional Painting
an ornately decorated vase with red flowers on yellow and orange background, in the shape of a flowerpot
Mughal Block Print - Pattern
an ornate frame with a white background
Premium Vector | Rectangular frame with traditional arabic ornament for invitation card.proportion a4.
the boho islamic art collection
Download Arabic, Islamic Arch and doors design for Canva, by Marina Zlochin
Decoupage, Pattern Wallpaper
Mughal Art Pattern Stock Illustration 1226098273 | Shutterstock
Design Seeds, Geometric Art, Paisley Art, Digital Borders Design, Textile Design, Textile Pattern Design
Digital Colorful Floral Geometrical Traditional Border Stock Illustration 2230342641 | Shutterstock
an ornate doorway with gold doors and decorative decorations on the outside, painted in bright colors
an ornate doorway with pink doors and flowers
Floral Painting by Tanya Bahl
a drawing of a tree with green leaves
Download premium vector of Vintage flourish ornament illustration about andreas bretschneider, flourish, beige texture background, german pattern, and german 487403
an intricately painted wall in the corner of a building with columns and pillars on either side
an open book with a drawing on it's cover and the title written in blue ink